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CelloPlus providing a comprehensive end to end solution for cellular network operator to manage its global network optimization policies.

For the core engineering, CelloPlus offers a complete core switches configuration and management tool.

Significantly reducing Mobile Operator OPEX and CAPEX

Increasing network capacity and coverage while maximizing equipment utilization

Creating competitive advantage by accelerating time to market of new technologies and features

Improving network performance and user experience

CelloPlus offers the network operators a powerful control and visualization tool of network parameters and configuration, together with advanced network policy enforcement solution.

CelloPlus suite is proven technology giving the operator competitive advantage with its user friendly and simple configuration tool. By using the tool, the operator can simply handle major radio technology evolution projects such as frequency re-farming, new technology and new frequency introduction

We help you find your way by visualizing your network resource and desired performance and then giving you all the necessary tools and functionalities to optimize the network’s operation.

We give you a competitive advantage by introducing new capabilities fast while your competitors are working harder and slower.

Highlight your problems as they occur to maintain service continuity and keep your customers satisfied. Adjust network resources to customer’s geolocation needs.

Make the most of your intellectual assets by improving engineer effectiveness and capacity with upgraded network visibility and span of control. You can now focus on building your optimization strategy while we make it happen.

We offer you the flexibility of visualizing and managing your cellular network to maximize performance with existing network resources