Core technology

ClariNet Tool

CelloPlus core switching solution known as ClariNet – QIS – Engineering Switching Solution for Efficient Management tool. Like the CelloPlus Radio management and optimization tool, the ClariNet is a result of years of joined development with cellular operator and based on core engineering customized needs.

ClariNet added values

The ClariNet  is an Efficient and user friendly powerful visualization, management and planning tool for cellular core network. The tool expands core engineer’s network design and configurations capabilities along with supporting network operation staff by using up to date network data.

The engineering toolbox

ClariNet wide planning and management functionalities was design with the customers according to their exact specifications hence gives the core engineers and managers the perfect tools they need. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis.

Search module

Advanced user-friendly raw-data search and filter. The tool is saving statistical history.  (Running back several years).

Compare Module

Comparison module for extracting the differences between switches, devices and dates

Planning module

Signaling and traffic route planning (2G, 3G and MGW) with a simple and Easy to use wizard based planning

Comment module

Advanced E1 commenting (e.g. clocks)

DT-Maker module

Automatic data Transcript maker for core switches (Connect, Convert, PBX, MGW scripts, Roaming, etc.).

The module main objectives:

  • Managing signaling and traffic nodes (Update, Add, Delete)
  • Adding/ deleting/ transforming of hardware like E1, RP etc.

PBX module

The module enable PRI and PBX switchboard management. For example, the user can Add/ delete/ update PBX, E1 or extension with only few klicks.

Reports module

Updated network status and planning reports (routes, devices, status, etc.)

Translation module

The module allow the user to perform call trace investigation including inter-switches calls and FNR interrogation

The module enable the user to shows the telephone number translation through the B#, RC & EOS and supports “number portability” and FNR