Radio technology

CelloPlus is daily collecting all radio network configuration parameters and for every fifteen minute, collecting all counters to a large data base that holds all network data. This detailed data base enable the advanced configuration management functionality as well as offering online network performance presentation and KPI monitoring & alerting. The offline part of the data base is used for managing configuration, global parameter editing, exception & consistency correction, adding new network element, maintaining statistical history and trends. The online data base on the other hand is holding short term information to enable Ad-Hoc optimization decisions. With a simple policy enforcement user interface, the operator can manage and control its optimization policies and thresholds.

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CelloPlus tool has three main modules, The first one is used for design and manage network configuration, the second is used for performance monitoring and alerting while the third combines the first two to enable performance and parameter visualization & control over GIS map.

Optimization Features

CelloPlus wide optimization and management functionalities was design with the customer according to its exact specifications hence gives the radio engineers and managers the perfect tools they need. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis.

Network configuration and performance

The module offer view and edit of all network parameters likewise supporting multiple activities.  Moreover, it gives the user a long history parameter changes tracking.

The operator can build multiple parameters presets and feature setup for different conditions i.e. Mass event (manual or trigger based activation). With this module, the operator can handle creation of automatic plans for daily or large projectile activities such as:

  • Add/ remove sector/ site
  • Sites re-parenting between RAN switches
  • Add/Remove frequencies
  • Global activate/deactivate features
  • Neighbors add /remove all directions, vendors and technologies including importing from external tools
  • Global or geographical update of network parameter

Engineer requests and commands ends up with auto run network plan. Major performance degradation (according to operator decisions and policies) can activate an immediate NOC alarms

Auto consistency and exceptions

Auto consistency is verifying rules and dependencies being checked and auto-corrected vs entire network and technologies based on operator’s predefined logic

Daily automatic clearing of network parameter exceptions, mismatches and contradiction to operator’s predefined parameters and policy.

The  module saves a huge amount of working hours usually needed to maintain the network parameter setup and operator’s predefined policy

* Future – Analytics – Optimization policy and strategy analysis

Performing an intelligent optimization policy and resource management analysis to meet operator’s visionary KPI indicator value

The module will offer two operation modes:

  • Mode 1- validating and adjusting current operator’s optimization strategy effectiveness
  • Mode 2 – Analyze and recommend on new optimization policies to meet operator’s visionary target KPI indicator value

* Future – Policy Module

The module will act as the main operator customized graphical dashboard to visualize network and system status on one hand, and on the other hand, operating the full featured CelloPlus system to control its radio optimization strategy

The dashboard will offer full control over network radio resource management together with traffic, mobility generic strategies.

The operator is able to activate or deactivate the different modules and set thresholds, KPIs and views in a customable way to fit his span of control and responsibility

* Future – Service based performance management

Service distinguished performance tracking.

Services such as:

  • VoLTE
  • ViLTE
  • CEM

* Future – Multi service provider performance managment

The two main designed capabilities:

  • Distinct performance monitoring per service provider.
  • Capacity tracking per service provider.

Network transparency view and management

CelloPlus guide the user through an intuitive path of clear performance map presentation and let him implement his engineering decisions on the same page.

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